1P Pod Cast EP 2 - PC has a fit!

1P Podcast Show Notes

14th July 2017 Episode 2



Apologies for all waiting for this. PC problems and busy work schedule made it very difficult to record.


3DS News



Are new games to easy. Talking about me playing Super Mario Bros 3 on the 3DS Virtual Console.

  • Super Mario Bros 3

  • Crash Bandicoot

  • Souls Series


First Impressions of Zelda a Link Between Worlds .

  • Detailing Graphics

  • My first Zelda experience

  • Combat

  • My overall thoughts from the first few hours


What Hinder the Sales for the PS Vita

  • This show is not about bashing the Vita

  • The Memory Card


Mention the PS Vita TV


Special Thanks to Paten Daireon