WPG80 - Xbox Game Pass, E32017 schedule, FFVII R - Kingom Hearts 3, and more!

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I came across a few more games I won't send anymore this is plenty. Here is a short list. 1. Evil Morph. 2. Cave story. 3. La-Mulana. 4. Rouge Legacy. 5. Tower climb. 6. Castle in the darkness. 7. Mini ghost. 8. Valdis story,:Abyssal city. 9. Odallus The dark call. And last one is 10. Outland. Hope you like em.

valorien heroesWe play games is the perfect stop for gaming content news, talk and the occasional trip down memory lane I suspect that bill and I are the same age so his podcasts are especially welcome he's got great guests and draws from a wide field of media to present his content and news on gaming

Headlines - Blues are for Bill, Green are for Zapp

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Xbox Game Pass is live - Here is the full list of games.


Story 2

Lets Talk E3 2017

Story 3

KH3 and FFVIIR coming in the next three years. Square is also moving FFVIIR development in house


Story 4

I am Setsuna Dev's no Project.


Story 5

Fighting games are back

Tekken sf2 arms

Story 6

Call of Duty 4 Gets a stand alone ..... (Zapp may Rage)


Lightning 1

Sonic mania August $20


Lightning 2

Stormblood is looking beautiful


Lightning 3

Lightning 4PS Plus games (leaked) June 2017http://www.techradar.com/news/e3-2017