The return of the Nintendo World Championships

Dust off your power gloves.   Nintendo is bringing back their World Championships. The Kyoto entertainment company announced today on YouTube that it will be bringing back the competition which had been missing for the last 25 years.  The video is the kind of intentionally bad stuff that Nintendo has been putting out for years.  (Non-specific action figure guy, I'm looking at you)

The journey to stardom begins on May 30th at Best Buy stores in major cities, and culminates in a live competition that will be streaming presumably on both Twitch and YouTube, which Nintendo has been using very effectively to get the word out about just about everything.  

Two years ago Nintendo decided to drop the normally live press conference in favor of pre recorded event followed by live demos from Nintendo Treehouse. At first I thought it was a mistake but it really let them control the message spectacularly well.  Adding this live competition should really get people talking about Nintendo games during E3.  The success that blizzard recently had with the Heroes Of The Dorm competition shows that eSports can be exciting.  

I think the big question is what games will be played. I hope they have a mixture of new and old.  Start with Smash Bros. but follow it up with a retro game, then bounce back to Mario Kart.  I think the finale should be a series of super hard levels on Mario Maker.  That would be pretty fun to watch, very short very hard levels, whoever is in first would ping pong back and forth as people got stuck on various sections.