Heroes of the Storm Championship announced

Surprising almost no one Blizzard announced today that the Heroes championship is coming to BlizzCon.  The game officially launches June 2nd, but regional competitions will begin in China in May.  The top 8 teams go to BlizzCon will duke it out for 200 grand.  Which seems like a lot but other MOBA's offer millions for the grand prizes.  

I'm excited about this.  Heroes is a fantastic game and in typical Blizzard style they have rooted out the fun of the game, and swept away all of the cruft.  Recently Heroes of the Dorm aired its championship on ESPN2, to the surprise and dismay of many sportsball fans.  I don't really care if its shown on TV as long as I can stream it on Twitch or YouTube.  

If you were lucky enough to tune in to the show you would find that the announcers were fantastic.  They were able to explain what was happening on screen in such a way that just about everyone could understand what was at stake at each point and why the game was so intense.  The final series was some of the best "sports" I had ever seen, there was a real back and forth, and you didn't know which way it was going to go.

My only problem is that I can't go to Blizzcon, and I don't know if I would pony up the dough for the virtual ticket.  I play Hearthstone and Heroes, but Blizzcon is more about the announcements, not the spectacle.  I definitely want to watch it but $40 seems like a lot to watch this.  I would much prefer they sell advertising and stream it on Twitch, or just stream it for the publicity, right now LoL and DOTA 2 are # 1 and 2 on Twitch streaming with Heroes usually down around 20.  After June 2 I'm sure that will change as more people will have access, but if you really want to blow the two top spots out of the water then you stream it for free.  Virtual Ticket subscribers will complain, but if my time playing MMOs and other online games has taught me anything, its that those people will complain anyway.