Stretchmo demo available on the 3DS eShop

I've not played Pushmo, Its had good press, but I never spent the money on it.  Today Nintendo announced that it was releasing a sequel Stretchmo on the 3DS as a demo that you can buy parts of the game piece-mail. I like this idea, especially for a puzzle game.  You pay for what you consume, if you don't finish the game you don't pay for it.  Which is good in theory, but in practice there is a discount for buying everything at once you're saving about four bucks.  So I'm sure if I buy any of it I'll probably buy the whole shebang for the low price of ten clams.  

Curious as to what Stretchmo is?  its a puzzle game where you move blocks around in order to climb up to the top of the blocks and touch a flag, seems like a simple concept, but that is Nitnendo's bread and butter, they always take a simple concept and iterate on it over and over, refining it until it is utterly exhausted, and there is nothing left that you could do with it.  My guess is that StretchMo has lots of brain teasers in store for those that buy it.  


Making the demo free is a very good move on the part of Nintendo, it doesn't matter how good a review this game gets, it looks super simple and because of that most people are going to ignore it.  If you get the first taste free, perhaps they will hook more people and expand upon their first profitable year in four years.

My thoughts on the first few levels.  I'm glad they didn't try to shoehorn a story into the game, it doesn't need it.  The puzzles don't feel like there is only one way to solve them.  When you're playing you get the feeling that you're figuring out the puzzle your way and I feel like there are plenty of ways to solve a puzzle as you can pull the blocks in any direction.  I may be wrong about this, but the feeling is more important than if its true or not.  The levels look great in 3D again I can't say enough how much I love the new 3DS hardware, its fantastic.  Speaking of hardware that brings me to my only gripe.

The C-Stick on the NN3DS isn't used, it would be nice if they had linked it to the zoom feature so you didn't have to use the touchscreen for it.  I mean, come on Nintendo, brand new feature of your handheld and you just ignore it?

I played through the 7 intro levels in about 20 minutes, but I was writing this while playing, so i'm not sure how long it would take without the interruptions.  I'm not going to pay for it right now, as I have way too much to play right now.  I'm also not going to delete the demo off my 3DS, one of these days I'll need something to entertain me and it will be there waiting for me to unlock it, until then its back to Xenoblade Chronicles 3D I go.