Wildstar may be going free to play

SteamDB may have leaked NC Soft's future plans.  The MMO came out last year to limited success, it was advertised as an MMO for the hardcore player, and it was, they delivered on what they sold, unfortunately the player-base that is actually hardcore might not be big enough to sustain them.

If you don't know much about Wildstar check out this video.

SteamDB found that they were listing the billing type as Free On Demand, a code designated for Free 2 Play games.  I'm happy that its coming to F2P, that means there will be more people playing.  I just hope they adopt a model that is based on cosmetic stuff like GW2, which is hands down my favorite model for an MMO.  You pay for the game, and you have no subscription but if you want cool lookin' duds, you buy them.  You can also spend money on character slots, and bag / bank space.  This is probably the direction that they will go since the developer of Wildstar, NCSoft owns the Developer of Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet.