Bards Tale 4 - Kickstarter

The Bards Tale is an old school dungeon crawler.  The game takes place in the first person and was available on the Commodore 64, my first computer.  It was released in 1986.  It has been updated a million times, and been released on loads of systems.  If you have never played it, there is a version of it on steam fairly cheap that comes with the first 3 "classic" episodes.

Today InXile, announced that The Bard's Tale IV would be up on kickstarter, beginning on June 2nd.  if you want there is a countdown timer that you can stare at if you're excited about the game.  The developer InXile, has been slowly building up a good reputation for doing a great job on games it has kickstarted.  Last year they released Wasteland 2, a sequel to an old school post apocalyptic RPG, which recieved an 81 on metacritic.  I don't put a lot of stock in numbers, but this tells me that it was generally well thought of. 

If you're looking forward to some old school western RPG goodness, then set your clocks to go off on June 2nd, or you can just sign up to be notified.  If you're looking for some video of the original that I played on my C64, check out the video below