10000000 sequel is coming!

I'm excited for this.  I spent a lot of time playing the original, its definitely worth it if you like gaming on mobile devices.  In the original you played a match 3 game, where your character was constantly being pushed back toward the left of the screen.  If you reached the left side of the screen game over. 

To move to the right you had to match various "tiles"  There were of course obstacles in your way, and what you wanted to match depended on the obstacle currently in front of you.  Monsters had varied weaknesses, some were weak against swords, others were weak against magic.  If a chest was in front of you, go after keys.  The tiles moved in a way that I've not seen other match 3 games do.  You would slide the entire row or column of tiles rather than just one part of it.  The game was addictive, maddening and most of all fun.  After a round you would go back to your base and spend your money, xp, or whatever to improve your character.  

EightyEight Games is now bringing a sequal on June 4th, and you better believe I'm going to buy it.  Here is the trailer.