Heroes of the Storm Open Beta!

After reading the title I honestly don't know why you're still here, you should be there, signing up!

I love this game, it is incredibly fun, I'm terrible at it and I'm fine with that,  The best games can still be fun if you're not good.  Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA, but don't let Blizzard year you call it that.  They call the game an "Online Brawler"  But its a MOBA.  

This game came from a tech demo, Blizzard just wanted to show people what they could do with the StarCraft 2 Engine, but soon after they realized that this was the genre created as a mod to one of their games, and they were missing out on something fresh.

Basically, you choose a character, think of an all-star line up of Blizzards best characters (there are more than you think)  Give them a very small pool of abilities, so its all about positioning and timing, rather than playing river-dance with your fingers.  Then you are teamed up with four other people and pitted against another team of five.  Both teams goal is to eliminate the enemies core, which is a building at the heart of your base.  

If you have not yet played Heroes of the Storm, you're now out of excuses, its frantic fun, and full of blizzards condensed fun.