Watch SONY's E3 press conference at a movie theater.

This is pretty nuts, if you're really into  PlayStation and want to watch their E3 presentation, live in theaters for zero dollars.  Here is the quote and announcement video.  I guess its the second year that they have done this but I didn't hear anything about it last year.

PlayStation is inviting fans across the US and Canada to come together and watch the excitement and announcements of E3 LIVE in over 75 movie theaters across North America. Attendees will get access to an exclusive 30 minute post-show hosted by Geoff Keighley and a special PlayStation surprise.

SONY has had a pretty successful year with the PS4, most of the games thus far have not been something that would appeal to me that aren't on the PC.  I'm hoping it stays that way I don't want to buy a PS4, I'm holding out, but I get the feeling that Square is going to force my hand when Final Fantasy XV comes out.