YouTube brings 60FPS but still has a long way to go.

Today YouTube announced that it will be bringing 60 frames per second live streaming to their video platform. This is most likely in response to their failed bed to buy twitch last year for close to $1 billion, twitch ended up selling to Amazon instead.

YouTube has worked with Elgato game capture as well as Xsplit to being the feature to the popular software platforms. However they also said that any app that uses the live streaming API can use this functionality as well. 

I think this is great news and I would love to see YouTube really make headway into streaming gaming but they still have a long way to go.  

If you want to watch live content on YouTube it's hard to find. There isn't anything I. The front page of YouTube that takes you there. And even when you do find it, everything is clumped together. On twitch you can easily see the streams sorted by game. This isn't the case for YouTube. 

 As a streamer YouTube's way of doing things is not nearly as easy as Twitch. With Twitch I put in my code once. For YouTube it's a different code every time.  On top of this if your using OBS which is fantastic, free, cross platform streaming software, once you hit the start streaming button on Twitch you are live. There are two or three more steps after that button is pressed when using YouTube.