Vinyl Video Games

Video game soundtracks are a fairly niche market, vinyl albums is another very niche market.  Let's combine the two!  Joking aside this story is very awesome.  Streets of Rage and Shenmue are two games that I loved when I was younger, I never finished Shenmeu, but I enjoyed what I played.  When it came out the visuals were mind blowing.  I don't remember the soundtrack being amazing, or not, but that doesn't mean it wasn't.  

Streets of Rage is another game I really enjoyed, though more on the Genesis, than the Dreamcast, Streets of Rage still holds up today, though I'm again speaking to the gameplay rather than the soundtrack, I'll leave that up to you to decide. 

The idea that these soundtracks are going to be available on a vinyl record is bonkers to me and if it were April 1st I would be hard pressed to not suspect someone behind the scenes chuckling about this.  That being said, I'm all for more cool stuff for collectors to buy.  I probably won't buy them, but I would think they were all kinds of cool to hang on a wall.