Metroid-Vania possibly on its way to Wii U

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a metroid-vania style side scrolling action adventure game.  May come to the Wii U.  The crowd funded game has raised nearly three million dollars so far and the newest stretch goal is a Wii U port.  This will only happen at three million.

The game is desinged by Koji Igarashi, famous for many in the Castlevania series.  He was either a producer or served some leadership role on fourteen Castlevania titles.  Igarashi will be working with Armature studio, famous for Arkham, and Metal Gear games, the studio posted on the kickstarter the following.

“When we were approached with the opportunity to assist with Bloodstained on Wii U, we were ecstatic. This style of game is one we are intimately familiar with from our Metroid Prime days, and it’s exciting to once again put our familiarity with Nintendo hardware to good use. We have extensive remastering experience - our remastering projects include the Metal Gear Solid Collection for PS Vita, Injustice for PS Vita, and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel for PS4/XB1. We look forward to the challenge of making sure that the Wii U edition of Bloodstained stands proudly with its brethren on Unreal Engine 4.”

So, if you're a Wii U owner and love metroid-vania style games then you need to send some of your hard earned money their way!