Wildstar confirms F2P this fall

Wildstar is a fantastic game that is too hardcore for its own good. Playing a game that is self described as "hardcore" means a significant time investment, if you want to raid.  However the dungeons are incredibly fun.  If you're able to get a group that is.  

Hopefully this is going to change,  Wildstar developer NCsoft announced today that it plans to take the Science Fiction MMO, free in the fall.  The game had a really good launch, but people didn't stick around, fifteen bucks a month will do that to you.  In a world where raiders are getting what they want from WoW its hard to come in and try to steal them away.  If you're free then people can play both.  And HARDCORE people are the kind of people that would play both, but perhaps not pay for both.

Wildstar's free to play system will allow free players to get everything that a paying player would, and if you want to get some sweet looking cosmetic gear for some real world dollars then you're all set.

I'm really looking forward to the relaunch, I'm definitely going to be playing again.  Look for me on Nexus!