Project 1999

There is something to be said for the original Everquest.  The game was hard, unforgiving immersive and fun.  Apparently the people behind Project 1999 agree with me on this, as they are running almost Vanilla EQ servers, that you can log in and play with the original rules.  Currently they are up to the Kunark expansion.  

Up until now the project has always been under fear of getting shut down by Sony Online Entertainment.  Which recently sold the Everquest franchise to Daybreak studios, to the dismay of many fans of the upcoming Landmark and Everquest Next fans.  Not to say that it spells doom and gloom for those games, but we were dealing with a known entity with SoE, and Dave Georgeson, who was promptly laid off.  But every cloud has a silver lining.

In a post titled Project 1999, Daybreak and Velious, Rogean who seems to be in charge of the site posted this.

"It’s been a busy year for Project 1999 and we have some exciting news we’ve been really anxious to share with all of you. As some of you may be aware, in the past there has been both confusion and concern over the status of Project 1999. We have recently entered into a written agreement with Daybreak Game Company LLC that formally recognizes Project 1999 as a fan based, not-for-profit, classic EverQuest emulation project. The agreement establishes the guidelines that we as a project must follow, but it will allow to us continue to update the game without risk of legal repercussions. As a show of good faith to support the efforts of Daybreak Games, we have decided to reschedule our expansion release as to not conflict with the upcoming new progression server being released in the coming weeks.

We would like to personally thank all the folks at Daybreak and acknowledge how awesome it is for a company to work with and embrace the creations of their fans. This is really something that’s unique in the gaming industry.

The Velious release has been rescheduled to the following dates:

Saturday, August 1st for the Project 1999 PvP Server.

Sunday, August 2nd for the Project 1999 PvE Server.

We would also like to sincerely apologize to those of you that have already established plans for a May release. We know many of you had scheduled time off from work and even planned parties or trips. I hope you can understand the importance and necessity of the decision we have made and we encourage those of you waiting in the meantime to enjoy the Daybreak Progression Server when it is released."

I'm very interested in going back and trying it out.  I have a lot of fond memories of the original Everquest, my first character was a Dwarf Warrior that starved to death waiting for a boat.  I fell off said boat at one point in my Everquest career and swam for an hour before I gave up and let myself drown.  Trying to sneak through the city of Freeport as a dark elf only to find out that there were sewers under the city for evil folk.  My half elf bard was killed by the giant crocodile just south of the Eastern Commons.  That's the thing about Vanilla EQ, the stakes were so high when you were playing that the moments felt as if they were of great importance and burned into your memory as if it happened to you.  Not your character.