The Banhammer is real

It seems like every week Valve is getting into some kind of PR nightmare.

This week the story is that Valve is giving developers the ability to ban a user from their game.

Now normally I wouldn't be opposed to this.  It cuts down on cheaters, and generally jerky people.  In Guild Wars 2 the developers came down pretty hard on cheaters and trolls in the game.  They closed accounts, and kicked people out.  When people complained they showed everyone why they kicked that person out.  I feel like it did a lot to steer the community in the right direction at the beginning of the game.  To this day I still think that Guild Wars 2 has one of the best communities for an MMO.

But now Valve is giving this power to any developer, and I'm not positive but I think this bothers me because I don't trust all developers as much as I trust ArenaNet.

What's to stop a developer from banning you if you give the game a bad review on steam?  Valve said specifically that it is up to the developer and they only enforce what the developer decides.  I can see how this is a good thing, (see above) but I can also see how this could be abused.

One thing that I wonder is does this work for games that don't use a centralized server?  For instance if I can make my own server for a game like Terraria, can Re-Logic ban me from playing it if they decide to?  What if I don't play multiplayer at all?  Does the ban effectively remove the game from my steam library?

This feels like another misstep from a company that is getting more and more out of touch with its customers.  I love Valve and I've poured lots of money into GabeN's Wallet.  I hope they can turn these bad moves around.

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