Mirrors Edge 2

Mirror's Edge is a first person running game which was released in 2009, which sounds pretty terrible, but was actually pretty fun.  I never played the full game but I played the demo a few times and it was compelling gameplay.  Unfortunately when the game came out I was playing lots of World of Warcraft, and didn't have time for much else, so I never picked it up. This is the main reason that I don't play WoW any more, it just requires too much time.  Warcraft aside, Mirrors edge involved a lot of parkour, and you wouldn't think that it would be possible to play a game like that in first person but somehow EA pulled it off.  

There were a few problems with the game, mostly the shooting, but at the same time the game wasn't meant to be a shooter, and I think that EA may have included it to help appeal to the shooter crowd.  After the game was released many pointed out that the game would have been much improved had no shooting been included at all.  If the game had not tried to be everything, and just been what it is, a running / parkour game it would have sold a lot better. (The game was projected to sell around 3 million copies, but only sold 2.5 million .  There is hope though.  

In 2013 EA announced that they were working on Mirrors Edge 2.  At E3 2014 EA unveiled some "footage" of Mirror's Edge 2, I'm actually quite surprised that they are continuing the series, but I'm happy about it.  I just hope they learn from the feedback they received.  I'm hoping that there isn't a single gun in the game, or if there is, its only them shooting at you, as you dodge and weave crossing the rooftops in the sprawling futuristic metropolis.  

My one concern is that the team that built the first game seems to have nothing to do with the sequel.  So here is to hoping that the new team can emulate the lightning in a bottle that happened with the first.  

Unfortunately I don't have an Xbox One or PS4, and I don't use Origin on my PC, so even if it comes out this year, I probably won't pick it up.