SEGA is cutting the wheat from the chaff, and its going to cost you.

SEGA announced yesterday that they are going to be removing some of their games from mobile app stores from Google, iOS and Samsung.  Their reasoning, they want to take the lower quality stuff off the app stores, and perhaps bring higher quality versions back in place.

"At SEGA we are committed to making fun, high-quality mobile games and it is with our fans’ best playing experience in mind that we announce the removal of a number of games from our back catalogue. It is important for us to ensure that all of our fans, regardless of platform or operating system, have a great playing experience and after evaluating our complete list of titles, we have determined that a number of them no longer meet our standards. As a result, we will be removing these titles from the App Store for Apple devices, the Google Play Store, the Samsung App Store and the Amazon App Store over the next few weeks. While we have nothing to announce at this time, given the right situation, these titles may return in an updated form.
If you have already purchased a game that is being removed from the store you will be able to continue to play it after it’s been taken down. It will remain in your purchased apps where you will be able to download it again if you delete it or acquire a new device until the game becomes incompatible with the latest phone operating systems or hardware.
Thank you to all our customers for sharing what they love about our games and helping us to continue to improve everything we make."

On the surface this sounds great, but I can't help feel like I'm being ripped off.  I bought shining force for my iPhone.  I'm not happy I bought it because they just shoehorned an emulator onto the phone with on screen buttons rather than make the control fit the device I'm playing on.  

Let's say that SEGA pulls that game from the store, the re-releases it to the store implemented the way it should have been in the first place, rather than a hastily made port.  I predict that I would have to buy the game again.  If SEGA wants to fix these games, then rather than pulling them off the stores, just update them.  Fix the low quality crap, and give it to the people that already sent money your way.  People that haven't bought them would buy them, and right now they could use the PR bonus.