Nintendo World Championships

Stage 1

The first game this year at the Nintendo World Championships was Splatoon, they played turf wars.  The game definitely needs a spectator mode rather than watching someone play the game there should be a camera that flies overhead so you can see what's happening from a different perspective.  It's one of the best things about jumping to a teammate in the game as you get a fantastic view of what's going on.  

I really like that the announcers said "it's important to play as a team" even though the game doesn't include voice coms in order to bring competition to the next level, outside of this kind of setting.  It was a bit annoying that viewers couldn't see the percentage on the left side because it was covered by the picture in picture of the Wii U gamepad.

Underground 1

The first underground game was The Legend of Zelda, it was a speed run, they had to get the first dungeon finished in the lowest time, but finding the tree, making your way through the Eagle dungeon, and killing Aquamentus (did I spell that right?) the dark dragon.  There were a few issues where someone activated the virtual console button by accident.  

Stage 2

The second game in the competition was a brand new unannounced game from Nintendo, Blastball, a first person shooter for the 3DS.  It can be described as Soccer in space with mechs.  It seems pretty rad, though I don't know how I feel about it being on the 3DS, the C-stick isn't great for controlling first person games, I've tried Moon Chronicles with it and it just didn't feel right.  I have to say, that the players had the ability to hold L to lock onto the ball, perhaps that will make up for the C-stick, it also seemed to put a 3DS on the screen indicating that the player should tilt it.  The game is 3v3 which I like, I'm sure it will look fantastic in 3D.  The twist with the game, is every time you score a goal, the goal gets smaller, so it gets harder for you to score, giving the other team time for a comeback.  Another interesting feature is that the ball does damage to the players in fact in the last round it became a magma ball and caused extra damage.  Take too much damage and you get ejected from your mech if you take too much damage.  They did not say when Blastball is coming out, I hope soon though, it looked interesting.

Underground 2

The second underground game was Super Metroid, the players either had to kill Mother Brain first, or survive longer than anyone else.  I've never finished Super Metroid, I would have lost this horribly.  Five players started with a fully loaded Samus in the room with Mother Brain, someone was very smart and decided to re-assign the buttons.   As with every Metroid game, when you defeat a boss, you have to escape, and it was awesome,  This really makes me want to play Super Metroid again.  

Stage 3

The third game in the tournament was Mariokart 8 at 200cc, if you haven't played at 200cc, its nuts very very difficult, and feels totally different from Mariokart.  They said that all items were on, and I'm not sure if I missed it, but I didn't see any Blue shells.  The winner was determined by score.  Watching this game played on an F-Zero course at this speed really makes me wish that Nintendo would bring out F-Zero again.  

Underground 3

The third underground game was Balloon Fight.  This game was designed by Satoru Iwata when he worked at HAL Labs, and is basically a clone of Joust, however, the competitors were playing Balloon Trip, which is a mode of Baloon Fight, which is not PvP.  You earn points the longer you're in the air for, and must navigate a maze of sparks while avoiding the fish on the bottom.  It was fun to watch, and everyone playing was far better than I am.  

Stage 4

The fourth game in the tournament was Super Smash Bros.  I honestly was surprised that this game wasn't the Final Stage game.  Reggie Fils-Aime came back to play Smash against Hungry Box the winner of last years Smash tournament.  Last year Hungry-box asked Reggie to play him after winning the Smash tournament.  Reggie declined stating that he was horrible at Smash, and needed a year to practice playing on the 3DS, after which he would kick Hungry Box's ass.  No huge surprise Reggie lost horribly, trash talk followed, it was kind of funny.

Final Stage

The final game was Mario Maker, there was a coin flip and the winner chose to go second, he decided to go second.  he then had to sit with a blindfold while the other player played through.  These levels were INSANE, I can't wait to make my own levels in Mario Maker, or to download stages made by someone with talent.  

After the whole thing the winner was John Numbers it was fun to watch, When John Numbers finished the first stage and it cut to his face, the look on his face was pure stunned amusement, he couldn't believe that he finished it.   

Mr. Miyamoto came out to congratulate the Numbers, all in all, this was very fun to watch and I can't wait for more announcements from E3 this week.  If I can find the time I may do a quick show each day, 15 minutes to run down what happened, if not I'll at least have a post on the site.  Both finalists won an autographed Nintendo 3DS, and Numbers won a really nice Mario trophy.