Smashing update!

Nintendo's Smash Direct

Roy - Roy's final smash looks rad, Fire Emblem bars show up over the characters he hits and deplete as the animation ticks. $3.99

Lucas - pretty much a clone of NESS I think, but I'm not positive $3.99

Mii Fighter costumes - I don't much care about these but they include the following 

  • Akira and Jacky from Virtua Fighter
  • Isabelle from Animal Crossing
  • Megaman.exe and Zero from Megaman X
  • Heihachi from Teken
  • The Squid Kids from Splatoon.

You'll also be able to get Mii Fighter Amiibo as well as the list below in September, Game and Watch is pretty rad as you can change him out, I like that they did that as a flat design is a little boring.  It makes him more interesting than he would have been otherwise.

New Stages will be avialable as well, Dreamland from N64 will be available for download and will be 1.99  They are also planning on bringing the Mario and Link stages from the original Smash.  The Wii U will also get a Miiverse stage, which will bring in posts from Miiverse into your fight.

And as a surprise to no one because it was leaked yesterday, and actually rumored for quite a long while now, Ryu from Street Fighter is coming to Smash

He looks to be the most complicated fighter in the game with many attacks, quick Taps vs Taps vs taps and holds.  

By entering traditional inputs for Ryu his moves will become more powerful.  He'll also have multiple Final Smashes.  Ryu will also come with Suzaku Castle, the map is asymetrical, and looks really fantastic.  I'm betting that Ken and other characters from Street Fighter are going to be coming to Smash in the coming months.

If you want to watch the whole video check it out below.