Sorry for the delay.

First off I would like to apologize for the lack of written content this week.  This time of year is very busy at my day job and I had buckets of work to do there.  On top of that E3 was here and I had to watch as much as I could in order to get out some decent shows.  This mostly meant watching it while typing up notes.  Not enough that anyone would want to read, but just things I wanted to remember to talk about on the show.  Because of all these things I didn't feel that I could take the plethora of notes and turn it into one or more articles in a timely fashion.  So I skipped.  I hope you don't mind.

If you're curious at all about my thoughts on E3, be sure to listen to Episodes 18 and 19, 18 also has a very interesting interview with Don Thacker.  He's the big guy over at Imagos Games, the makers of Starr Mazer.  

Anyway, now that E3 is behind me, and my workload at my day job has settled down, its time to get back to it, so expect more articles coming soon from RJS.

Thanks for sticking with me.