Lightning crashes

This week there was a very intense thunder storm.  The lightning was bright enough that it woke me up at 3am.  The light woke me up, not the noise from the thunder, though that was pretty loud as well.  As any good nerd would do, I got up, and went around the house unplugging the various electronic devices to protect them from the storm.  I think I was too late. 

The next day I couldn't get my computer to boot.  After two days of fighting with it, I finally was able to get things back to normal.  It seems everything came through okay.  Everything that is except the keyboard.  The "T" button wouldn't type unless I held down shift, I'm not sure why, but it was very frustrating.  Not a big deal though.  I bought the keyboard 3 years ago for 11 bucks, it definitely served its purpose.  I was going to buy the same keyboard, but I decided to do a bit of research on decent keyboards.  I looked over a few, some of them were closer to $200 than they were to $100, that isn't something I would even consider.

There was a lot of information out there, cherry blue keys versus cherry red keys, cherry brown keys being the middle ground between them.  It was difficult because I wanted to put my hands on the keyboard before using it, but I couldn't because Best Buy (the only nerd centrist retailer nearby) only had very expensive keyboards.  I ended up watching a lot of review videos on my phone as using my computer without the use of the T key was kind of unbearable.  

I finally settled on the Logitech G710+  it is "normally" $160 but I was able to get it for $80.  I doubt that was the real normal price, but I fell for their ruse anyway.  I'm typing this on the keyboard now, its very comfortable, and doesn't move unless I want it to.  The keyboard has cherry brown keys, which I guess means that its very responsive without being too loud.  I would agree with that assessment, with the exception of the space-bar, that baby is loud.  Everything else is whisper quiet.  This is the first non-chiclet keyboard that I've used in years.  it is very comfortable to type on, and I feel like it was a solid investment.  

Why am I telling you all this?  Because I can't stand posting to the site from my phone, and the keyboard wasn't working so this is a 5 paragraph excuse as to why I haven't updated the site in a bit.  We should have more coming soon.  My Steam cart currently has Axiom Verge, I just need to go click it.  I haven't made up my mind though.