The Vault is Opening!

Fallout 4 is on its way, finally.  Bethesda seems to oscillate between its two major franchises, Elder Scrolls and Fallout.  I like this, but man, it makes it a really long time between releases.  I think its better this way, I don't like games that become yearly franchises, Madden / Call of Duty I'm looking at you.

Fallout is an RPG that I played years ago.  The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world.  Nuclear War has reset civilization, and humans locked themselves in vaults for decades.  When the radiation is a safe levels the vaults open and the protagonist steps out into the world and tries to survive in the over-world. 

The original game a 3/4 sprite filled turn based RPG, and is still fantastic if you've never played.  You design your character from the start, and pick stats as well as perks.  Perks are the differentiation (other than the setting) of this particular RPG.  Some perks might mean that you are far more likely to get the opposite sex to do what you want, but at the cost of members of the same sex hate you.  Think Love Potion Number 9.  The perk system is awesome, and filled with very cool choices for your character.

The sequel continued the style of the game, and after that the path started to change.  When Fallout 3 came out, it was a drastic and very well received change.  The game became a first person (or third person if you wanted) shooter.  You could still pause time by building up points allowing you to aim for specific body parts during combat.  The combat was fun, difficult and very gory.  

I don't like the gore, but I put up with it because the games systems were fantastic.  The story was top notch, and the world was absolutely immersive and engrossing.  You had to manage your inventory, which I hate, but I put up with it because I was having so much fun.  You could interact with just about everything in the world, and things really changed based on the choices you made.  This left the game open to many play-throughs (I don't think that's a real word) where things would be different for you every time. 

Well Fallout 4 is officially announced, and you can watch the announcement video above, if you've never played or if your a veteran of the whole series, I'm sure we're in for some really fantastic post war exploration, Speaking of War, it never changes.