Splatoon is getting a new ranked mode!

Team Fortress 2 had an awesome mode where you had a cart that you needed to push from the center of the map to the enemies base.  It's called Payload and its one of my favorite game modes.  Nintendo announced today in a live stream from the tree-house on twitch that they are adding that mode to the game tomorrow, its called Tower Control.  

Here's how Tower Control works.  You're spawned into a symmetrical arena with 7 other people, 4v4 style as per usual.  This time there is a floating tower in the middle of the map, as well as lines on the ground that the tower follows.  You can throw ink onto the sides of the tower to make it easier to climb up, but the tower only moves when someone is standing on it.  Adding more players does not speed it up though, so there isn't an advantage to having your whole team up there, you're better off having them play a support role from the ground.  

Let's talk about the tower first.  The tower has a grate around it for you to stand on, there is a small area that you can squid down into, but be careful, go swimming over the grate and you're going to fall down to the level below, halting your progress.  At the center of the tower is a pylon.  Good players will use the pylon to hide from enemy fire while up on the tower.  Being up there, you're the main target, and you have to do your best to keep enemy players away.  Hopefully you're team is supporting you.  

As you ride the tower toward victory you'll see a squid in the top of the screen counting down toward the enemy side, if the number reaches zero, you win.  However, there is a very interesting mechanic with this number.  Let's say that you move all the way to 5 and get splatted.  Now the enemy climbs onto the tower and pushes it the other direction.  You have lost progress.  Don't worry though because the score of 5 that you earned stays there, if the timer ends before either team scores, whoever has the lowest count wins.  In addition to this, if you reclaim the tower, as it moves toward the 5 meter spot again, it will move faster, reach 5, and it will slow down.  This seems incredibly fun, and a fantastic way to keep game play moving quickly.

If you're good with a charger, I'm sure you're going to love this mode, all the squids are in a concentrated location, giving you a target rich environment.  I'm really looking forward to trying this out tomorrow, I love that Nintendo is bringing these modes out slowly over the summer, rather than releasing everything at once.  I think it will keep people playing longer and will prolong the games life.  

Now if I can just pull myself away from Sky Factory long enough to get level 10.