Path of Exile Expansion is almost here

For some people Diablo 3 wasn't close enough to its predecessor, for those people Path of Exile was created.  The game was made my fans of Diablo as an homage, and they nailed the feel of it 100%.  If that sounds great to you, then go check out PoE, its free to play, and they don't ruin the game trying to nickel and dime you to death.  If you want a piece of gear to look cool you can buy it, but you have access to the entire game for free, and you can't pay to win.

If you have tried the game then you know its a great, very difficult game with a ton of replay value, and its about to get better in about 8 days from writing this the first expansion is going to come out, also free.

The expansion will add a fourth act to the game's story as well as new skills, and ways to interact with your skill-tree to make it even more customization.  If you haven't played PoE, then the idea of a skill-tree update might seems a bit light, but you haven't seen how these guys handle skill-trees.

PoE Skill tree (I know, WTF)

PoE Skill tree (I know, WTF)

Imagine this, with MORE customization.  In addition to these changes new items , challenge leagues, and more will be available to players all free of charge.  If you want to find out more about PoE: The Awakening I recommend you try it out, the game is great, I'm loading up steam right now to update it.