Adventure awaits

One of the many things I love about Wildstar is the shiphand missions.  These are for all intents and purposes, single player dungeons.  They are fun, they don't depend on other people, and if you're decent at them they don't take very long.  

Well it looks like Guild Wars 2 is taking a page from their competition / partners (They are owned by the same company) and giving us the same thing, they however are called Adventures.  The differences however don't stop there.  Yes, they are single player adventures, but, they are also meant to be competitive, there will be a leader board for completing them in the shortest amount of time.  

Each Adventure showcases a seemingly simple path to victory that requires strategy, practice, and mastery in order to excel and ultimately achieve success.

They talk a little bit about the design philosophy behind adventures.  

There are certain design concepts that are critical to the Adventure experience. Most importantly, when you’re participating in an Adventure, you should be the master of your own destiny. This means that no other player should have a direct impact on your success or failure. Any Adventure that involves combat with monsters has been instanced, and where there are Adventures in the open world, we’ve ensured that you will never have to compete with other players for resources or objectives.

This is a fundamental part of what makes ship-hand missions in Wildstar so awesome.  I don't mind grouping with other people at all, in fact it is my favorite part of MMO game-play.  That being said, I find waiting for other people when I have a short time to play irksome.  Being able to get in, and get something done quickly when I have 20-30 minutes is great, and its something that Guild Wars 2 definitely needs.

Additionally, we’ve been keen on reducing unpredictable randomness in our Adventures. Where something may seem random at first, we encourage you to pay closer attention to the underlying patterns and systems with which you are engaging.

This is great, for a game mode that depends on getting the fastest time possible, dealing with random stuff can feel unfair.  Statements like "I would have beat my time if the RNG hadn't screwed me at the end" shouldn't come up.  It will be all about player skill, and how well you know the scenario.  This is fantastic.

Finally, we believe that rapid iteration, including the ability to quit and restart quickly, is another key aspect of the Adventure experience. If, for whatever reason, you want to restart an Adventure early, you can close out your Adventure and hit the restart button to be teleported back to the beginning of the Adventure. We understand that if you’re trying to earn a place on the leaderboard where execution is key and every second counts, the downtime between attempts should be as short as possible.

I'm really happy about this as well, one of my favorite games is a Free to Play game with no in app purchases, I don't' think they monetize it at all.  Super Crate Box, if you haven't tried it definitely do so.  The best thing about this game is the time from death to starting another round is less than a second.  It really gives you that "One more try" vibe.  

Those of you that are worried that its just about bragging rights need not worry either.

In addition to bragging rights, leaderboards will also provide you with sweet rewards. Each leaderboard can yield a daily participation reward, but the meat of the loot is at the top. Each board has three tiers—think gold, silver, and bronze—that require a certain minimum score or maximum time to enter. Upon entry in those prestigious tiers, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

I honestly can't wait for Adventures, it looks to be insanely fun, I just hope it comes out with Heart of Thorns, not after.  If you want to read the full article you can find it here.