Pay to Spray

You know how in Overwatch you can put down a little graffiti tag?  It doesn't do anything, just something there for fun.  Well they got that idea from Half Life.  I'm not sure if it had come from other games, but the first time I saw that was playing Half Life you could spray paint a logo in multiplayer.  I'm not sure if you could do it in single player, though now that I think about it, that would be a great way to signal to yourself (you've already been through here dummy).  

In Counter-Strike you could load your own file into the game and when you sprayed it, that image would show for all the other players in the game to see.  This quickly devolved into people spraying nudes or offensive images.  I don't know how Valve didn't see that one coming.  

When CS:GO came out it surprised many that it came without sprays.  Some were sad, but others said well, it would have just been porn anyway so whatever.  Valve is adding sprays back into CS:GO, with a catch.  You can get them for free, you can buy them, or you can get them from loot boxes.  

Let's talk about what you're not getting first.  Players can't make their own sprays, which is a very good thing.  If past is precedent it would have just been porn anyway.  Okay so how does it work?Lets say you're a hard core CS:GO player and you want a spray so you can spray your sprays in your sprays.  You can get them for free or buy them.  Or you can trade for them on the Steam Market.  Once you have the spray you get into game, kill a terrorist, and tag their corpse.  The spray will be there for 7 minutes, which is ... whatever, who cares how long its there for, you've got other terrorists to kill.  But wait, what's this number?  It was 50, now its 49!

That's right, Sprays or Graffiti as valve calls them are limited to 50 times.  I suppose this is to keep people from spraying everywhere, but honestly, it just feels like a limitation built in to make money off the feature.

I don't really think this is that big a deal.  Sprays aren't an integral part of the game.  You don't need them to play.  They are just a fun cosmetic.  I don't mind Valve charging for cosmetics, but sprays were always a part of Counter Strike for fee.  Adding them in for money just feels a little slimy to me.  Either way it doesn't really affect me.  My FPS of choice is Overwatch and Sprays are Sprayed all Day over there.