2016 Game Awards

The Game Awards have come and gone, winners have been crowned, and trailers have been dropped.  I’m not going to go through a list of the winners because there are literally a billion sites that are doing that.  What I will do however is talk a little bit about the trailers that we saw.


The elephant in the room is Zelda.  I was fully prepared that we would get more of the same, but the places that they showed in the two videos yesterday were definitely from a new area (at least it seemed like it to me).  I was prepared to be underwhelmed when I saw this footage, but I wasn’t.  I figured after the deluge of footage from Zelda at E3 this year, they really couldn’t get me excited again showing footage of the game.  I don’t need to see more, I’m already going to buy it, I just need the damn thing to come out. 



Boy was I wrong.  Seeing this game being played again, totally pulled me in, I immediately pestered my wife that doesn’t play video games, but lets me yammer on about them and feigns interest, look how cool this is!  I had forgotten that Link’s weapons break and he can pick up stuff on the ground and use it as weapons.  I had forgotten how beautiful this game was, they were clearly playing it on the Wii U.  So I’m hoping the Switch version looks even better (fingers crossed). 



The big downside to yesterday's trailers was that again no date was given, which makes the rumors that Zelda isn’t going to be a launch title for the Nintendo Switch, suddenly a lot more believable.  I’m okay with delays, but good god, I’m so hyped for this game I can hardly contain myself.  I may just burst into a form of yellow energy like in Dragon Ball Z. 



Death Stranding looks interesting and creepy, but it doesn't show any gameplay so I couldn’t care less.  I really wish that game companies would release only gameplay footage.  Of course I’m a giant hypocrite because everytime a certain Star Wars MMO releases a new video I watch them because they are so amazing.  I’m not sure why it is okay for them to do it, but not Death Stranding, I suppose I’m perpetuating a double standard here. 



I’m very excited for Mass Effect Andromeda.  I played the first two, I did miss out on the third one, just because I couldn’t play it on my TV with my son around, it isn’t a game for kids, and I don’t want to have to kick him out of the living room so I can play a game.  However this time around I’ll have a PS4 hooked up in my office (hopefully) so I can play the game without inconveniencing  the rest of the family.  I have thought about getting the 3rd game for the PC, but it has been so long since I played 1 and 2 that I feel like I would have to start from scratch, and I know myself.  That isn’t something that I’ll actually be able to finish.  I’m really happy that this new one has nothing to do with the old games, and I can jump in without any feeling like I’m missing any key information.



TellTale Games has just been killing it lately. They have had the oportunity to put thier unique spin on so many existing franchises recently, and while I haven’t played all of them, I really thought Back to the Future was great, and my son adored Minecraft:  Story Mode.  I still want to play the Batman game, but I’ll wait for humble bundle or something, I’ve literally got too much to play as it is.  That being said, Guardians of the Galaxy was announced.  Here I should repromand them for putting out a non gameplay trailer, but the double standard lives on, as we all know what these games are going to look like, we know exactly how TellTale games play, so I’ll give them a pass and just say, this is going on the wishlist.



Halo Wars was an anomoly when it came out for the 360.  People didn’t think you could design an RTS to be played with a controller, but Microsoft pulled it off.  I think the game was very well recieved.  I didn’t play it because RTS games don’t resonate with me.  I’m just plain bad at them, and get bored pretty fast.  MS announced a sequel, I’m not sure if it was something that we knew was coming or not, but I was surprised.  I’m sure it will be great, but I won’t play it.  This is another game trailer that doesn’t show you what the game play is like though, and that bothers me more with this than with anything else that I’ve talked about today.  There are multiple types of Halo games.  RTS, FPS, I’m sure there are some that look at this and have no idea that the original Halo Wars was a departure from the series norm.  These people might be confused by this trailer.  But I’ve gone on for long enough about non gameplay footage.



Specter of Torment the prequel to the fantastic Shovel Knight was ALL gameplay footage and it looks fantastic, there isn’t much to say here other than I can’t wait to play this, and I really need to get back to finishing the original.  Yacht Club Games totally nailed what it was like to play a game back on the SNES, and captured a kind of awesome humor that is definitely unique to their game.



Prey is a first person shooter that I don’t really know a whole lot about. I know the original Prey game had something to do with being a Native American in modern times captured by aliens.  I don’t feel like this is a continuation of that story, this feels different to me.  The trailer showed gameplay footage and it looked really cool, you could become innanimate objects to solve puzzles, which is very intereesting.  We’ll have to see where this goes.



Cliff Blizinsky the guy behind the Gears of War franchise surprised eveeryone earlier in the year (or was it last year) when he announced lawbrekers a new game that he’s been working on with his new studio.  The game looks pretty fun, very Overwatch-y.  The game is currently in Beta.  The graphics are great, but I personally don’t need more than one competitive shooter in my life so I’ll stick with Overwatch.



Bulletstorm is another first person shooter, this one from Gearbox Publishing.  The game comes out on April 7th, I guess if you pre-order the game you can play the whole game as Duke Nukem, I suppose I might care about that if it was 1997 or something, but Duke was a product of his time, and he just doesn't hold up for me. The game looks fast paced, and frantic.  I totally would have ignored it, but the idea that they had Vacation by the Go Gos playing during the trailer pulled me in.  It looks really fun, They announced it for Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4, but they didn’t mention Steam.  I won’t buy shooters for console, and I won’t buy anything from the Windows Store, so I hope it comes to Steam.



Rocket League is adding a new arena YAY!  Not much more to say about that.  It’s free.  If you don’t have that game, go buy it now, it is amazing and very fun to play in quick bursts or long sessions.



Dauntless is the last game trailer that I’ll discuss.  It is a free to play co-op Monster Hunter homage, for the PC, I would have ignored it as it shows no gameplay footage, but it has devs from BioWare and I love BioWare.  I just hope their monetization model doesn’t affect gameplay.  Please just have cosmetic stuff!  Please!!!