Minecraft for Switch

I've said multiple times that I was done with Minecraft. I've also said tht I am not interested in Minecraft on consoles.  Minecraft is a game that I've purchased many times. More than I care to admit. There is a reason though. It's a fantastic game. I've spent many hours in Minecraft worlds digging away at the earth, building the raw materials into something that might resemble a house in the nightmares of architects. It is fun.  I've built nuclear reactors in the sky using mods for th elc version. So why would I go back to vanilla for the Switch?  I very much prefer the mouse and keyboard interface and available mods on the of version. 

My son however prefers to play on the console. I got him the game when it came out.  I feel Ike of all the games Minecraft is the one that is best for kids. It fosters creativity and abstract thinking. Plus he loves it. He has been asking me if  I'm going to get it for my own Switch, I replied no of course.  I've played enough Minecraft. I'm ready to leave it behind.  Still something was bugging me, a tiny Steve in the back of my mind telling me to try it out.  Alas this morning I folded and I now have Minecraft on my Switch as well.    

So, what do I think of it?  It's Minecraft, nothing surprising here, it's the same game that we've played on the PC , the Xbox the PS4 the Wii U, your phone, refrigerator.  Okay I made that last one up, but I'm sure that someone has done it.  I'm really excited to play the game with him,  no more fighting to get our computers to talk to each other.  Just load it up on the Switch and do wireless. Hopefully it will work.  I'll let you know. And because we both have our own, no more split screen, where I can't tell what's happening on the screen because everything is so small.  I hated split screen Minecraft on the Wii U, and Xbox 360.

I haven't actually sat down to play with him yet, so let's talk a bit about what's I don't like. I wish they had included the features specific to the Switch.  Like HD rumble, and motion controls. The game would play so much better if they just rip off Nintendo's work on Breath of the Wild motion controls.  Having HD rumble built in where as you are mining it vibrates more and more until there is a satisfying thunk as the block pops out of a wall would be awesome.  I don't like that they tacked on the $10 Mario pack, I don't care about it, I don't want it, if I do want it let me decide that rather than permanently attach it to the game.  I'm sure it makes fiscal sense for them to sell the game this way, I just feel like it is just a bit anti-consumer.   The game currently runs at 60 FPS 720P in both docked and handheld mode.  Though this is supposedly a bug according to some reports.  This certainly isn't a deal breaker, as Minecraft is always pretty pixelated by design.  

So what now?  I hope my issues with the game get patched, and I'm currently waiting for a Steve or Creeper Amiibo, come on Nintendo / Microsoft, you're sitting on money right there.  I'm full of ideas that one is free.