SC93 - Pankapu review, Nintendo World Championships, Sonic Forces and more!

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      • Good morning Bill, hope you are well.

        I have just read that since the Switch launched in march, there are 130 games for the console. (Which is crazy!)

        Quick question, Have you played and enjoyed a game on Switch which no one else has heard of, a game which did not release to fanfare, or set the charts ablaze ?

        My choice would be Shephy, A single player card game involving sheep!

        The amount of games coming out is great, but some good/great games must get buried and quickly forgotten.


        • Honestly it is so tough to keep up.  I've had just a passing experience with the game, Quest of Dungeons is a fantastic roguelike game that I highly recommend.  If you're looking for multiplayer action.  Astrobears is a shallow but really fun party game for $5.  Thanks for listening.

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  • News

    • Nintendo World Championships (No big announcement)

      • Old and new games (Fantastic variety)

        • Breath of the Wild (shield surfing)

        • Smash Wii U

        • Metroid:  Samus Returns

        • Balloon Fight! (RIP Mr. Iwata)

        • Smash Wii U (again)

        • Bird and Beans

        • MK8 Deluxe

        • Donkey Kong Country Returns

        • Splatoon 2

        • Tetris

        • ARMS

        • Mario Party 2

        • Super Mario Maker

        • Super Mario Bros. Deluxe vs.(Gameboy Color)

        • Mario Odyssey (big surprise)

    • ARMS 3.2 coming this month

      • Badges!  (Achievements)

    • SEGA talks about how Sonic Forces is coming to the Switch.

  • Gameplay

    • Robonauts

    • Finished SteamWorld Dig 2

    • Pankapu

  • Lightning Round

  • Coming soon!

  • That is all we have time for today, if there is a story that I missed let me know!

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