SC95 - Yono and Barbarian Reviews, Monopoly price and Disapearing games

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      • One Iron Auto said - I was told to leave a reveiw - Great show!  Much info!

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      • RJS:
        I’m avoiding learning about Super MARIO Odyssey, I’ve obviously seen it and obviously it will be a day one purchase. Anyway I was at the mall, walked in the GameStop and noticed a Switch setup to be played, so I just tried it. It was already in a game .. so I started playing and it was Odyssey and I’m like, wow this is different. This is really great. I’m not sure what the secret sauce they did to up their game (no pun intended) .. that’s going to be an awesome game. But I’m going radio silent again on it.

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  • Lightning Round

    • Crazy Justice will be cross platform multiplayer.

    • Popular Science gives Nintendo the award for Entertainment Innovation of the Year

      • Too early?

    • NBA2K18 patched for Switch (1 day later than other platforms)

    • FIFA limited to only 4 players on the Switch locally (other consoles 8 players)

    • WWE requires a 32 gb SD card to download.

  • Coming soon!

    • 10/17

      • Rogue Trooper Redux

      • Don't Knock Twice

  • That is all we have time for today, if there is a story that I missed let me know!

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