SC90 - SNES Classic Hands on, Steamworld Dig 2 review, FIFA news.

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      • Space_Escalator - Just a great show.  Exactly the content I want, a great length and frequency for news - type content, and excellent voicing.  What more could I ask for?

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      • Hey Bill, first things first. I sent you a friend request. I’m Nintendork with the weird looking mii, and blue hair. Second thing I’m getting Super Mario Odyssey when it comes out, but one thing I don’t like is how much Nintendo is spoiling it.  I’ve been trying to avoid as much Mario Odyssey coverage as I can.  Because I want to be surprised about how cool the game is. What do you think of how much Nintendo spoils their games?


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    • SNES classic

      • Menu Music is awesome.

      • Not reviewing the games right now.  Perhaps I’ll do a retro review segment in the future.  

        • So far I’ve only played Super Mario RPG.

      • Artwork that goes on the sides of the 4x3 content is very nice.

      • Controllers are spot on, cord is long enough, but could be longer.

        • Awesome that it comes with two.

      • Bonus that the controllers can be used on the NES classic (if you’re lucky enough to have both)

      • Rewind feature - Right now I can’t see myself using this much but it's really cool to have.  You load a save and hit rewind and then you chose the moment to start playing again.

    • Steamworld Dig 2


  • Lightning Round

  • Coming soon!

    • Oct 3

      • Lovers in a dangers spacetime

    • Oct 5

      • Axiom Verge

      • Tumblestone

      • Volgarr The Viking

      • Stardew Valley

  • That is all we have time for today, if there is a story that I missed let me know!

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