SC91 - Sonic Fixed. 2 million Switch, EA gets cagey

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      • Johnnnnnnnnnr726 - I switch from NVC to your podcast.  You are short and right to the point on Switch news.  These games like Skyrim and Doom I’ve never played.  I am more of a sports game person.  With my birthday coming up FIFA and NBA are a must.  But for the holiday season not sure what game I would get.  And your show keeps me changing my mind.  Keep up the good work.

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      • re: the NES and SNES Classics... after wasting several months of my life
        trying to score an NES Classic (and later an SNES Classic), I finally
        got fed up with Nintendo's incompetence and went ahead and built an
        emulation station using a Raspberry Pi. I now have a better experience,
        with more games, including non-Nintendo consoles, and wireless
        controllers. I can only devote so much time of the day stalking online
        sites (even using services like NowInStock which often didn't respond
        fast enough for the handful of minutes things become available), so if
        Nintendo isn't going to take these devices seriously enough to want my
        money, then lots of people like me are going to have moral shifts in
        order to obtain the same (or better) experience.

        Re: Metroid poll... I actually jumped from the original NES right to the
        Wii (having switched to PC gaming in the interim) so I'd happily play
        whatever Metroid games for Switch get produced. Metroid is my second
        favorite franchise, after Zelda. Despite having a emulation box, the
        appeal of playing portably and in HD would be sufficient for me to buy
        remakes of games I already can emulate the originals of.

        re: FIFA18 sales... not all Nintendo Switch owners are sports fans. Not
        all sports fans are FIFA/soccer fans. And not all Switch-owning soccer
        fans are fans of bloated, crippled games where the savefiles are almost
        the size of the entirety of Super Mario Odyssey, and you can't play
        online with your friends. Incompetence and laziness should not be
        rewarded, and if EA is going to use this as a metric for whether they
        bring additional games to the Switch, well that's their loss and
        meanwhile we've got plenty of other games to play. There are only so
        many hours in the day anyway.

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    • Been playing SNES classic (Super Mario RPG)

    • I’ve got a few more games to review Pankapu / Earth Atlantis and Stardew Valley

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    • Oct 6

      • Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga and Bowser’s Minions 3DS

      • Layton’s Mystery Journey:  Katreielle and the Millionaires’ conspiracy 3DS

      • OxenFree Switch

  • That is all we have time for today, if there is a story that I missed let me know!

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