SC92 - Why we don't see F2P on the Switch.

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      • Adm.L - What a great voice.  Great show.  #bringBackTheBeard

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      • Hey dude podcast is good. I already reviewed your podcast on apple. I happen to have one little question maybe you could spend 1/2 a second on. here it is I am a physical game buyer mostly to because I do not want to blow a lot of money on an expensive sd card. However I do have a 128 gb card and am thinking of buying games digital or start to and I notice the switch hasa quick archive option so does that mean if an sd card is full or close to full you can use that option to free space on the card. Its my understanding that only the game downloads to the card and the saved file of the game data saves to the switch and do you think a 128 sd card is good for buying all digital I mean worst case buy another that size and switch them out?

        Look forward to your feed back,

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    • Steamworld Dig 2

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    • Invisible players on FIFA

    • Nintendo Internship Japan Only

    • New Splatfest announced for Next weekend.

      • NA Werewolves vs Vampires

      • EU Toilet Paper front vs back

      • JP Agility vs Tenacity (Duallies vs Brella)

  • Coming soon!

    • Oct 10

      • 88 Heroes - 98 Heroes Edition

      • Tiny Barbarian DX

      • Touhou Kobuto V:  Burst Battle

  • That is all we have time for today, if there is a story that I missed let me know!

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