SC108 - Fire Emblem Warriors Impressions

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      • Hi RJS,

        I want to share a story with you about my 3DS and microSD card. I have 300 3DS digital titles, a mix of Virtual Console, eShop titles, and first party downloads. 300 is the max a 3DS can have if you did not know that. I actually have more than that, but I can't hold them all. This all takes up around 80GB. The 300 hundred limit is 60 pages of 3DS titles where 5 titles per page are listed in data management.

        About a month ago the microSD card would not allow writes. I don't know what happened or changed. It was bricked, but still readable fortunately. I purchased a new 128GB card and copied all the files over successfully.

        I was fortunate that the card was still readable and wanted to warn others to make backups. Can you image downloading 80GB of 3DS titles along with DSi titles. Also, I would have lost my save games and backups.

        The story had a happy ending, but I was sweating it, until the new card and a backup had been completed.


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  • News

    • Rocket league local online worries

      • Two online accounts?

      • I doubt it.

      • Not like this on Nintendo stuff. (Mario kart)

      • Probably developer oversight.

      • I haven’t had time to play rocket league on Switch will talk about it on Thursday.

  • Gameplay

    • Fire emblem warriors

      • Really fun

      • Integration with Fire emblem mechanics are really awesome

        • Capturing forts

        • Building relationships through combat

        • Weapon triangle

        • Dragon shrines (I forget what they are called)

        • Pause menu map to order your allies around

        • Permadeath

        • Pairing up characters

      • Not a fan of the voice acting. I never am though.

      • Good controls, but I can’t figure out the combos.

      • Bad tutorial.  Walls of text.

      • Don’t like it in handheld. (Map is too small)

      • I think the graphics are great

      • Have not tried multiplayer

    • Massive mistake bringing this game out right before Mario.

  • Lightning Round

  • Coming soon!   

  • That is all we have time for today, if there is a story that I missed let me know!

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