SC115 - Feedback, Call ins, Cereal Nostalgia

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      • Blacklabel974 - 5 Stars - Awesome show, I’ve been a subscriber for 2 months, and I enjoy the stories, insights and for my commute the length is perfect.  RJS is great hosting and I’ve got recommendations for other great podcasts.  Keep up the good work.

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      • Hey there Bill,

        I have been listening to your podcast for a while now (and I love it!) and thought I would weigh in on the AC Pocket Camp discussion.

        I feel that this game is probably only about 60% of what a full AC game should be, so I know it leaves me and probably many other users itching for a full AC release. I agree that this is probably the best platform for the game, but if they could take what they've created and expand on it on the Switch, I think it would be great. I also agree with you that touch controls are not ideal.

        In terms of micro transactions, they try and encourage you to spend real money at the start buy offering K.K. Slider and Tom Nook as “special additions” to your Camp. I don’t feel that these are really worth the purchase to be honest. Other than that, he micro transactions are fairly easy to avoid.

        As a side note, I would also like to add that this game looks gorgeous.

        Kind regards,

        Dan (MrDiPY)

      • Thomas wrote in.  I am getting older and grumpier , I`ll admit, but the weapon breaking thing , has ruined the game experience for me. When i first bought it, i thought, man .... i dont think ill be buying Skyrim after all ... at least for a long time until i get through most of this game. The game is incredible. But then, the weapon breaking thing started nagging at me ... but i trudged on. But i found myself obsessing over it, altering my gameplay around it, not engaging in certain battles because of it. I started agonizing over which weapon i need to choose ... to break next ... after the weapon i just had broke. I started worrying whether the weapon i just chose, and will break after 10 hits ... will be a weapon i will need in a scenario in the future. I started thinking i need to plot where and what weapons can be found after blood moon reset... the whole game to me began circling around this one issue and it killed the immersion, the flow, the enjoyment.

        I bought skyrim ... and i haven't touched BotW since.

        I understand that the argument supporting the weapon breaking that it forces you to figure out other ways to kill enemies. But i think that argument is weak, because i would do that anyway and let's be blunt here, is it me or is the bomb throwing thing way OP anyway and would be done even if weapons didn't break. I think so.

        Great podcast and if you had paypal link, i would contribute here and there on a non subscription basis.


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