SC105 - Xenoblade 2 Direct

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      • Hey brother, love the switch and the podcast. I drive a truck cross country and the switch is perfect for me.  I noticed you are still doing Nintendo live streams and wondered if you ran into any problems,  a good friend of mine is a copyright attorney who also is a YouTube creator and live streamer. Here is a link you might find interesting

        Keep up the great work.

        Matthew Allentown, PA

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  • News

    • Xenoblade 2 Direct

      • Story summary

      • Japanese and English voices available.

      • Blades living weapons.

        • Have support abilities (like Pokémon abilities that  let you traverse)

        • Drivers in control (many blades)

        • The talent tree looks insane.

        • Send unused blades into mercenary groups to go off and complete quests for you.

      • Time and weather influence what monsters that you will run into.

      • Remove the map from the screen and have a Diablo style overlay.

      • Each type of monster will have its own behaviors

      • Fight named monsters again by visiting their tombstone

      • Tiger tiger mini game. To upgrade a robot blade.

        • Change her look and element.

      • The game seems so insanely customizable.

      • Combat seems very complex. I hope the game has a good tutorial

      • DLC (buy all or nothing)

        • Support items (right away)

        • New quests (January)

        • New blade (spring)

        • New challenge battle mode (summer)

        • New story (fall)

        • Rex costume in Zelda !

        • (Pre purchase today)

    • Buying Moons in SMO

    • Snipperclips now can capture video with the 1.1 release.

  • Gameplay / Thoughts

    • I still have a whole bunch of moons to find, but I find myself hoping that Nintendo will release SMO DLC

  • Lightning Round

  • Coming soon!

    • November 7th

      [Switch] Sonic Forces
      [Switch] Farming Simulator Nintendo Switch Edition
      [Switch eShop] Heroes of the Monkey Tavern

      November 9th

      [3DS] Story of Seasons: Trio of Town – New Neighbours Pack
      [Switch eShop] Rock´N Racing Off Road DX
      [Switch eShop] Maria The Witch
      [Switch eShop] Octodad: Deadliest Catch
      [Switch eShop] Tallowmere
      [Switch eShop] Spellspire
      [Switch eShop] Koi DX
      [Switch eShop] Super Putty Squad

  • That is all we have time for today, if there is a story that I missed let me know!

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