SC117 - Mega Man, Pro Controllers, and PC games on your Switch

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      • Joelmead24 - Gave 5 stars - I’ve been listening for 5 months now, the show is consistently great.  RJS brings a perfect blend of voice, sound quality, knowledge, level-headedness, variety, and depth.  On top of that he brings a nice personality to the table as well.  I really enjoy his self-deprecation and his thick skin for when discord members like me razz him on things like this cat.  Keep up the great incredible work.  Best Nintendo podcast on the planet, anyone who says otherwise will get a sideways look from me from across the room.  Thank you RJS

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      • Hey RJS,

        A friend of mine bought a Switch for his two sons for Christmas. He's looking for some game ideas that the 7 and 9 year olds can play individually and together.

        While I know it heavily depends on the person, I wonder if you have any Christmas game ideas. You've always had great recommendations of both mainstream and independent games, and I've appreciated every review and recommendation.

        Tom (tlbignerd)

        • Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

        • ARMS

        • Mario Kart

        • Shovel Knight

        • Super bomberman

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