Episode 11 - New Games New Amiibo

  • BotW easter Egg in WoW April Fools day patch notes
    • Warrior
      • Weapons and shields equipped by Warriors will now lose durability every time they hit a target, and will break entirely once their durability reaches 0.
        Developer's Note: This change will better emphasize the core Warrior fantasy as the appointed knights of Azeroth. Note that you'll probably want to bring several weapons to each boss encounter. Of course, if you run out, you could always just grab a random skeleton's arm or something.
  • Wonder Boy - The dragon's trap (April 18) 19.99
  • Square is looking at porting existing games to the Switch.
    • “We’re even thinking about what feasible existing game titles we want to successively port [onto the Switch].” - Yosuke Matsuda
  • NBA Playgrounds comes out in May $20 (digital)
  • 3 New Zelda Amiibo according to Best Buy
    • Data mined gear sets in Zelda
    • Fierce Deity amiibo?
  • Open world Zelda is the new standard going forward

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