SC34 - Arms Test Punch, Monster Hunter XX, Splatoon voice news!

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    • Valorienh3r035 (Valorian Heroes) reviewed the show!   

      • I learned about Bill and RJS (Run, Jump, Stomp) via, Scott Johnson and Brian Ibbott (from The Morning Stream) when they announced they were buying dock socks for their switches from his wife’s Etsy page. (Check it out:  I ended up doing the same and discovered the great content that he offers on gaming and partially the Switch with his Switchcraft podcast.

        To be honest, I’m totally baffled Bill hasn't’ been more widely discovered, - he’s among a select group of content creators that takes care of his audience with good equipment (sound is clear and crisp) and attention to the smaller details with bumpers, segment intros & transitions, as well as great 8-bit style music throughout.  So many podcasters fail to pay attention to their content past the “talk” and Bill gives the listener a product that’s both informative past regular speculation (his analysis of why Nintendo gave developers have products priced higher on The Switch compared to other platforms - game developers needing to hit the $24.99 mark to get prime product placement in retail - goes far beyond the typical “greedy companies” answer most podcasts give) while being fun and easy to listen to -

        The guy has a voice for radio.  I strongly urge you to put the Switch Crafton your regular rotation and if you enjoy it as much as I do, consider supporting him via patreon, Amazon purchases (this is a no-brainer and so easy) or writing a review and telling a friend.  Best of luck rising to the top, bill - I look forward to seeing where your emerging content goes from here!

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