SC55 - Your thoughts on Gyro, Fire Emblem Fates Switch, Project Dying Robot, Switch Battery woes

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  • Feedback

    • Fast413 - reviewed the show

      • For Nintendo Switch enthusiasts this is a staple to add to your podcast subscriptions.  The guy’s real job is as a teacher and it comes through in his well organized and well presented podcast.  This is the first time I’ve been motivated to check into a patreon so I could throw him a buck a month just to say thanks, as he puts in a great effort and I appreciate the timely information every other day or so.

    • On Splatoon gyro controls

      • GI Jello posted in the discord - after listening to the podcast yesterday I was excited to try the split joy con for splatoon 2. Didn't work very well for me. It feels very awkward. I'm usually not a fan of any motion controls though but don't mind using gyro aiming for splatoon.  Interested to hear other feedback. I will probably just stick with the pro controller for now

      • Beats Alive posted to the discord - Motion controls for Splatoon 2 is a no-go.  That was way too awkward.

    • On video services like Netflix and YouTube for the Switch

      • Capt_Logun posted in the discord - Imagine a world where you’re watching a show on Netflix and someone wants to watch their show on the main tv; Easy to imagine right? Now imagine walking over and picking up your streaming box and walking to another room and placing it down and having it pick of right where you left off in seconds. The ease of gaming from one room to the next with the content you’re binging. I love the idea that I can shift location while watching shows with minimal clicks through menus.

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  • Lightning Round

  • That is all we have time for today, if the re is a story that I missed let me know!


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