SC58 - Splatoon 2 thoughts, Nintendo Online App, Mario + Rabbids Amiibo and more!

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    • Duke350 - reviewed the show

      • This is a great relatively new podcast.  I love the Nintendo sound effects between segments and I also love how quickly new episodes come out.  They keep me entertained during my work week and are very informative!  Keep up the great work, I hope to see you become more and more successful.

    • AddictArts changed their review!

      • My apologies for an average earlier review.  Thank you for reading it, and being honest with listeners.  What makes this podcast special is how quick and reliable the shows are.  The podcast is the first responder of Nintendo news.  Most are not as fast to the scene and reporting.

    • @Firestorm5672 tweeted “just wanted to tell you that the best Mario party for the n64 (and basically ever) is definitely Mario party 3!”

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    • Splatoon 2 Thoughts

      • The good

        • The moment to moment gameplay is spot on.  

        • Salmon Run is my new favorite mode

        • The graphics look amazing, the ink looks so good, especially in single player

      • The Bad

    • Mario + Rabbids Amiibo support

      • Exclusive weapons?

    • Axiom Verge pre-order

      • Bad time to launch your game

    • Nintendo Switch Online App

      • No way to tell if your friends are online or not

      • Voice chat works really well, but having the leave the screen on is a deal breaker.

      • Alphabet on the right side of friends list would be really great for when I’m looking for specific people.

      • Give me a way to tell my friends “I’m up for X mode”

  • Lightning Round

  • That is all we have time for today, if the re is a story that I missed let me know!


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