SC59 - Where does BotW fit? Overcooked, Splatoon 2 sales, and more!

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  • Feedback

    • Noah Records Stuff YT - reviewed the show

      • This show is one of the best out there!

    • GI Jello reviewed the show

      • Switchcraft is one of my favorite gaming podcasts.  Super high production value with an awesome routine schedule.  #x a week - short, sweet and to the point.  Great insight and honest opinions on all things Nintendo.  RJS doesn’t always drink the Nintendo kool-aid and calls it as he sees it.

    • Trevor emailed the show!

      • Hi there,

        I am one of your new Patron supporters and love the work you do. I learned of you while you were on the SwitchCast with KC. I don't always have time to listen to long weekly podcasts so I like how you do shorter episodes with more throughout the week.

        I hear that you enjoy the motion controls on Splatoon 2. I have been playing Splatoon since release day of the original on Wii U. One of my favorite games, but I've been stubborn on learning motion controls. I feel like I can't get any better unless I switch to motion controls. People have given me tips on the proper use of them, but I feel like I still use the right stick too often.

        Do you have any tips on getting used to motion controls and what is the proper way to use them? Like should I be touching the right stick at all or seldom and how often should I be resetting the camera? I feel like I need to see someone play in motion controls to really grasp it.

        Thanks and keep up the good work,


  • News

    • We were having a discussion in the Discord about the Zelda timeline which is complicated.  And Bravd said “I think that the way they portray Ganon and the things they say about him that BotW is the very last story ever.”

    • Overcooked comes out on Thursday

    • Splatoon had a good first weekend.

    • Mincraft is now 1080p in docked mode



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