SC60 - SNES Walmart Fiasco, NES Classics at Thinkgeek, Nintendo Numbers and more!

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  • Feedback

    • SnowyCaptainRex - reviewed the show

      • This is amazing!  I love listening to this, I’m so glad it’s here.  The host is amazing and he really knows what he is talking about.

    • Patrick emailed the show!

      • At the release of the Nintendo Switch speculation was abound that the 3DS would be coming to an end. While I believe that support will continue for some time, I do believe the architecture will be outdated before long. With that said, the Switch, being a hybrid console seems to be the potential filler for the handheld gap that the 3DS would leave. I find it hard to believe that Nintendo would completely walk away from the handheld market with their considerable market share and little competition.  
        ·         Do you think that Nintendo will ever return to a solid state home console, or will future iterations have the same aesthetics as the Switch?

        ·         If the Switch is the successor/replacement to the 3DS in the handheld market - How will Nintendo be able to return to the home console market and how do you think it would be received

            They have stated in the past that the Nintendo Switch has been a journey. A long time in the works on behalf of Nintendo even stating the GameCube handle being part of this journey. I feel like going from the Switch to a stationary box would be a step backwards in innovation through technological limitation may continue to widen the programming gap for companies that develop on multiple platforms. It is hard to say what the future holds. I for one only play in handheld mode for various reasons (including TV time lol) and never want to be stuck tied to a television again!

        Love the show! Thank you for doing what you do!

        Thank you,

  • News

    • SNES Classic WalMart preorder cancelled

    • NES Classics showed up at Thinkgeek and sold out fast.  

      • Capt_Logun said It's frustrating to think that they have more and that those are ones that people could have potentially gotten. Instead they spent hours hunting for them during the christmas season for family or themselves only to turn up empty handed. I know this is a little hyperbolic but come on thinkgeek.

      • Bravd - said It's like "Psych you guys totally thought we were out! We got you sooo good! Come buy them, but packaged with stuff so they're as expensive as a scalper! Lol!"

    • Splatoon is a system seller

    • Nintendo sold 4.7 million Switches in 4 months.

    • Splatoon 2 patched to 1.1.2



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