SC61 - Metroid Hardmode locked behind Amiibo, Salmon Run changes, Capcom is happy with the Switch

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    • N64Josh- reviewed the show

      • This guy is killing it!  Running a show solo is extremely difficult!  You are killing it my friend!  Thanks for the great content!  Keep it up!  Also Wrecking Crew music FTW!!!!

        • He’s also the Host of a podcast that I listen to, Nintendo Power Cast

    • Joe Barrett tweeted at me - Love the Podcast and really enjoy the old Nintendo commercials, reminds me of my childhood!  Keep up the great work!

  • News

    • Namco Museum is here - You can turn your switch sideways and play with a vertical screen like old school arcades.

      • Each game has its own suspend, so you can come back to it later

    • Salmon Run changes from 12 hour windows to 24 hour windows

    • Metroid Amiibo unlocks hard mode?

      • Content locked behind Amiibo

      • Hard to find Amiibo

      • Some 3DS don’t have Amiibo built in

      • Some people don’t want plastic stuff

      • Most people wouldn ’t bother anyway

    • Ultra Street Fighter 2 for Switch has been a success for Capcom



  • That is all we have time for today, if the re is a story that I missed let me know!


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