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  • Feedback

    • Tfox245 - A fantastic podcast with a great upload schedule!

      • When I first discovered this podcast I wasn’t sure if I’d like it because of the lack of multiple hosts, but to my surprise, I actually like it more without people arguing and talking over each other.  Also I love how often episodes are made;  no waiting around for a once-a-week show here.  It seems like they’re made every day or so, so the news that is discussed is ultra relevant to when you’re listening.  Top notch production quality as well, no cheap microphones or echoing audio.  Everything sounds very professional.  The unique nintendo sound bites to transition between topics is a nice touch.  Within a couple weeks this has already become my favorite Nintendo podcast, and the host is very knowledgeable with not just Nintendo topics but the gaming industry as a while, and he really does have a a great radio voice.

    • Capt_Logun messaged me on Discord

      • Is the SNES classic mini a gauging tool for the online plans for the Switch? We already know two major things that support my theory that it is. One, the online plans were pushed back to 2018 instead of this fall. Basically when the SNES classic is being released. Two the Classic is only going to be available till the end of 2017, potentially when the online plans will go live. They’ve already talked about not being sure about SNES games for the online plans. They saw the demand for NES and two of the three titles from the NES Classic were mentioned for the online plans next year. I think the SNES will help them decide if there’s still a market for this generation especially since they haven’t pushed SNES ports to the New 3DS lately.
        They don’t want to keep making these things, it’s limited but that makes me think they have plans to do something else with these games later on.
        Just some thoughts I had and wanted to hear your two cents

    • Jon emailed the show

      • Hey hey!
        I just wanted to get your opinion on some more SNES classic stuff.  I saw an article that someone shared on Facebook which said the NES classic and SNES classic might be coming to the Switch. Now I don't know where these articles came from, and I didn't really read much into them. I don't like playing internet detective (that's your job). Do you think this could be true at all? Did you hear anything about this? It seems like a good idea to me because I feel like it'll be very hard to get an SNES classic. But it also seems too easy. Nintendo doesn't seem like they like to make things easy for us.

        I can see this from both points of view. Why pay $80 for a digital games bundle. Most people want the physical system because it's just that cool. But for most people that can't get a hold of this thing, I feel like it's a good alternative. Personally, I'd pay $80 just for a digital copy of Starfox 2, but I'm just a huge Starfox fan. That brings me to another point: why can't Nintendo release Starfox 2 on switch? There's no reason this shouldn't be done and sold for like $20. Thoughts?

        • Jonny/Fox/Link31254

  • News

  • That is all we have time for today, if the re is a story that I missed let me know!


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