SC69 - New ARMS character, Sonic Mania impressions and more!

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    • TFwagner - reviewed the show.  RJS has Switchcraft down to a science.  Multiple shows a week which are quickly uploaded means that you’re always listening to the latest news and release of the latest games.  He’s pro-Nintendo, but isn’t afraid to point out the things that Nintendo could do better.  Listen to this podcast and soon your ringtone will be the theme to Balloon Fight too.

    • Voicemail

  • News

  • Gameplay

    • Sonic Mania

      • Mean Bean

      • Bosses every level

      • Insane level design

      • Clever Mechanics (different liquids)

      • Sound / Music

      • Visuals / Animations

        • Loads of stuff (sometimes too much)

      • Low Price

      • This game is a speedrunners dream

      • Home button bug (being fixed)

  • Lightning Round

  • That is all we have time for today, if the re is a story that I missed let me know!


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