SC63 - ESRB Rates Mario a 10, Monster Hunter XX Demo, Dragon Quest XI numbers, and a bunch of switch games are coming.

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    • Jack’s Rage reviewed the show

      • I recently found SwitchCraft and I’m really enjoying it, his stories, voice and opinions all sound like a normal gamer and not over embellished just for showmanship.   Great podcast from a realistic personality

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    • Played Overcooked with my son

      • Such an awesome game

      • You start with a plan, but it doesn’t hold up for long.

      • There is no control, only chaos.

      • I wanted to go back and 3 star levels but he wasn’t having it.  

      • We’ve only played 4 levels, I didn’t notice any graphical hiccups

      • There is a patch incoming

    • Namco Museum

      • The arcade games are great.

      • Played with my son

      • Pac-Man Vs. is worth the $30 alone.

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  • That is all we have time for today, if the re is a story that I missed let me know!


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