SC65 - Nintendo World Championships 2017, Breath of the Wild update, Fuision mode on Metroid Samus Returns and more!

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    • Iamcoolc reviewed the show

      • I found this show through the Switchcast after E3 and haven’t missed an episode since.  Keeping up with Switch news is tough but this show fixes that by putting out frequent episodes and keeping them around 30 minutes each.  The classic Nintendo sound effects are great too.  Bonus points for RJS being transparent and open as a host.  Podcasting solo isn’t easy and he does it with easy.  If you’re a Nintendo fan, you should be listening, end of story.

    • Jon sent in an email

      • Hey hey!
        So my buddy came over this weekend for splat fest and we were chit chatting about Splatoon stuff. One of the conversations was about Salmon Run and playing it locally. We both love Salmon Run, and I love how you can get different things for playing Salmon Run (special shirts, hats etc.). My friend said "I wonder how and if the Salmon Run is different if you just play locally instead of playing online". Now the online Salmon Run, as we all know, is at certain times/days. Whereas the local Salmon Run you can do whenever. I just said, without really thinking, "It's probably the same thing, but I doubt you get rewards for playing it".  He quickly came back with (snobby voice) "Why would anyone play Salmon Run if you don't get anything for it?"

        (I should also add that I really don't know how Salmon Run is different from online to local play; I didn't try it, but that’s not the point)

        This brings me to the main point of this email.

        I feel like we're getting more into this routine where online multiplayer games need to give you some sort of "rewards" for playing the game. I don't play many online competitive games, but thinking of games like Call of Duty or something, you level up your account, level up your weapons, etc. The game is always giving you something the more you play. You can unlock different mods for weapons, different gear or abilities. It's tough for me to think of an online multiplayer game that doesn't have a system like this. How important is it for new games to give you "something" the more you play?

        Would Salmon Run be as fun if there were no rewards for it? Are we moving into a new time where we don't just play games for "fun" anymore? Do we need something to make all our work feel like it's worth it?

        I'm curious to see where games go from here. I think it would be difficult for a new game to come out without some sort of level up system and unlockables. However, the main point of any game is to have fun and enjoy the time you invest into that game. When he said why would anyone play Salmon Run if you don't get anything for it, I wanted to slap him and say "Because it's fun!!!".

        Anyway, this sounded way better in my head. I hope you get the main point I'm going for. I'd love to hear your take on this.

        Thanks for taking the time to read this, and thank your for all the entertainment.


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