SC87 - FFXV is out, Doom is 30FPS, and Astro Bears Party Review!

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      • Monty Glover - RJS has been the definitive resource of all things Nintendo and Switch related.  He provides the information in a clear and to the point manner while maintaining a consistent standard of quality and a very pleasant community through Discord.  A personable fellow with a pleasant demeanour a passion for Nintendo.  Give it a few episodes and this too will become your primary go to!

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      • Mr Run Jump Stop,

        Just wanted to reach out. Great show. I listen to many podcasts covering a range of topics from politics, current affairs, sports and video games.

        I very much listen on the commute to work on crowded London trains and for this reason your show Nintendo Switch Craft stands out above the rest. Informative, unbiased, clear and perfect for someone who has a busy work life.

        On the digital v physical discussion, I have always bought physical on the basis I know I can trade-in games if I need to. I do also keep games I like, and have a proud collection. Predominantly a PS4 player, but since getting a Nintendo Switch I have been purchasing digital for the first time. I want to play without the hassle of juggling physical cartridges, allowing the Switch to truly feel portable. For the PS4, physical discs are going to continue being my form of choice. Digital will be my preferred delivery for the Switch.

        Lastly, keep up the great work. I know you a small set-up, but in terms of quality and passion you are on par and even above some of the more established big-budget podcasts out there. The fact you try support your wife's business through this adds that extra charm to the work you put into this project/hobby/passion of yours. I can feel the family vibe each time I listen to Nintendo Switch Craft.

        Appreciate if you have read up to this point, a rather long email I know. Thanks and regards from the other side of the pond.

        Sanjay, London

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      • Have a ton of news today so I’m going to hold the voicemail for another day.

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      • I’ll be streaming the SNES classic on Friday after I pick it up.

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    • Played some SteamWorld Dig 2 (initial impressions) [review copy]

    • Played Astro Bears Party [review copy] $5

    • Answer the survey please!  What game should I play on Saturday’s stream?

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    • Sine Mora EX came out today

    • Arcade Archives Mario Bros. Sept 27
      Picross S Sept 28
      Conga Master Party Sept 28
      Inversus Sept 28
      Deemo Sept 28
      Sparkle 2 Sept 28
      Brave Dungeon + Dark Witch Combat Sept 28
      Golf Story Sept 28
      Astro Bears Party Sept 28

  • That is all we have time for today, if there is a story that I missed let me know!

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